Helping crypto-students become consistently profitable traders

Helping crypto-students become consistently profitable traders

Helping crypto-students become consistently profitable tradersHelping crypto-students become consistently profitable tradersHelping crypto-students become consistently profitable traders

About Us

Hello & Welcome to the Future of Money & Profits!


My name is David Downer and I am the founder of 'Crypto Trading Profits'! 

I have been a cryptocurrency enthusiast since November 2017. I was one of those unfortunate people who through naivety at the time, bought their first Bitcoin just before it reached it’s all time high of around $20,000 on December 17th that year. Following that initial purchase I could only watch on helplessly as my investment was destroyed by the market crash that followed in 2018...

It didn't help at the time that the so called Youtube investment gurus, who mostly had no experience of a crashing market, were typically urging their followers to stand firm and hold on to their investments. The result was devastating for many!

 Following this 'baptism of fire' to the world of cryptocurrency, unlike many of my fellow investors at the time, I decided to lick my wounds and keep on going, and I thank my lucky stars that I did!

Since that early and painful experience and through investing heavily in my education (which was crucial), I have gained a wealth of knowledge in both the trading and investing side of cryptocurrency and also in trading psychology too. Now, I feel that the time is right to reach out and share that knowledge with others. This is what has given me the inspiration to launch 'Crypto Trading Profits'.

My goal here is simple - It is to take people perhaps just like you, who have either no experience or very limited experience of cryptocurrency trading, and guide you to a point where you are a 'competent' and ‘consistently profitable’ trader. 

Please be aware (see disclaimer below) that trading and investing in cryptocurrency is considered to be a very high risk activity and you can lose some, most or even all of your money (as I have found to my cost)! 

However; if you join me as one of my trainee traders, you will NOT be risking any of your capital, or at least not until you have first acquired a proven track record as a consistently profitable ‘paper trader’. The beauty about paper trading is that although you will be learning to trade like a 'Pro', you won't be putting any money on the line (hence no financial risk).

This project is very new and so right now I am available to work with students on a ‘one-to –one’ basis only. To that end I offer my ‘one-to-one’ coaching and mentoring program in Trading Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies along with crucial training in Trading Psychology.

The full Crypto Trading Profits program includes:

->  Video training modules 

->  Supporting online literature 

->  One-to-one personal coaching and mentoring

- All delivered via the Internet to anywhere in the world!

In due course I will be offering a group coaching programme too. Of course because I will be able to offer a lower cost fee structure for group coaching, it will be accessible to more people. At that point as one of my ‘one-to-one’ students, you will be able to transfer across to the group coaching program if you wish. Alternatively, you will be able to continue with the ‘one-to-one’ coaching, which will automatically give you access to the group coaching too.

If in principle, you are interested in the idea of allowing me to help you learn to trade and become a consistently profitable cryptocurrency trader, your next step is to book a without obligation $1.00 (20 – 30 minute) Private Consultation with me. 

>>> Book Here <<<

This will be a live 'face to face' consultation using the Zoom video conferencing service. Once you have booked and paid for your appointment, I will send you your personal access link via email in time for your appointment.

Important note regarding fees: 

There is no set fee to participate in this program! Instead I will do my best to personalise the program to make it financially accessible to as many people as I can. I will discuss this with you during your $1.00 Private Consultation. 

Finally, if you are not quite ready to book your Private Consultation with me because you'd like to find out more about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading first please follow Crypto Trading Profits via our Social Media links below.

Here's to Your Success!

David Downer
(Trading & Psychology Coach & Mentor)


Legal Disclaimer: 

"Crypto Trading Profits (David Downer) provides an informational service only.  There are always risks associated with any form of investment. The risks associated when investing or trading in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is extremely high. You can lose, some, most or all of your investment.  It is therefore 100% the responsibility of any investor to assess the risk versus the reward involved. Before investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you should seek the advice of a qualified financial adviser. David Downer is not a qualified financial adviser and therefore any information you receive from him must not be taken or be interpreted as financial advice. In using or applying any of the information from the Crypto Trading Profits program/s you agree to accept 100% of the risk. Also you agree to absolve ‘Crypto Trading Profits’ (David Downer) from all liability assumed or applied. If you do not agree to accept the full terms of this disclaimer, you should leave immediately and not return".

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